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Michael Stoy Pottery features the hand crafted pottery of Mike Stoy. Working from his studio in Placitas, New Mexico, Mike creates a wide range of wheel thrown, decorative and functional pots in stoneware and porcelain. He also creates hand built sculptural pieces in stoneware.

Pottery Group by Mike Stoy
Pottery Group. Wheel thrown cone 6 stoneware. 21″ tall.
Hand built petroglyph tile 13″ x 9″
Stylized rabbit sculptures handbuilt by Mike Stoy 23″ tall

Mike Stoy has been throwing pottery since 1992 and selling his work since 1993. After a three year hiatus while he and his wife moved from Seattle and built a new custom home in Placitas, New Mexico Mike is once again throwing pots in his new studio.

Mikes Stoy with pots
Mike Stoy with some of his recent pots on the back patio of his house in Placitas, New Mexico.



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